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Delivery Chef is the food baby of a true foodie collective and professional corporate catering company, Art of Catering.


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With busy lives of our own and a profound love of having a meal, ready and waiting, as a break from our daily grind, Delivery Chef was born.  But not just any meal, we weren’t satisfied with the products on the market  - too small, too processed, too boring.

We knew there were others out there just like us  (like our catering customers) that wanted restaurant-quality meals that didn’t have the price tag attached, that could be managed completely online. Foraging for food inner city after a long day is tiresome, let alone deciphering online ordering that is far from convenient.  Surely there was a way to do it better.

With over a decade of experience in catering and food business, as well as a fleet of refrigerated vehicles, Delivery Chef aims to eliminate the scourge of unsatisfied and “I’m-still-hungry” workers eating frozen rabbit food from the evils of supermarket freezers or fast “food” chains.



Suffer no more busy people of Brisbane.
Delivery Chef to your door!


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