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1. Is there a minimum order or delivery fee?

No delivery fees to City, inner-city and airport districts - simply order over $100.00 and your delivery is included.  Postcodes further afield incur a small delivery fee - see here for postcodes and delivery fees.

Are you a corporate client organising staff lunches or functions?  We can facilitate orders from individual employees (paid for by the employee or the company) and have them all delivered at the same time to your offices.  Minimum order values and delivery charges apply.  If you want to register your company for group orders (ordered by an administrator or by the individual and delivered all together at an agreed date/time), please contact Delivery Chef to register on 07 3613 0022 or email us.

2. Am I in a contract/will my order be recurring?

No contracts!  Simply fill your cart for one delivery date or more, check out and voila!


3. What is the cut-off time for ordering?  What if I place it after cut-off?

Yes - 3 days ahead of deliveries please. That means midnight Sunday for Wednesday or midnight Tuesday for Friday delivery.  Our calendar system will always show the next available delivery date in your area.


4. How do I pay?  Are my bank details stored online securely?

Credit card will do the trick.  We have a secure checkout system verified by eWay, which store your card details under your profile.  Need to update your details?  Simply do so by logging in to your profile.


5. I have a food allergy, how do I know what to order?

Please take care when ordering - we have tried to highlight all the dietaries clearly within the more info section of each menu item.  You can also search by dietary category via the drop down box on the menu.

Aside from our manufacturer's kitchen's, all our meals are made in a kitchen that creates all sorts of dishes containing wheat, dairy, nuts, all kinds of seafood, sulphites, garlic, onion, meat and coconuts (but everyone loves a coconut right?). 

Although we have a variety of dishes designed to satisfy most dietaries, if you have a serious allergy to contend with, please email us and we will get back to you with options that are suitable for you.


6. How is my food packaged?  Is it recyclable?

The food packaging is made of a microwave and freezer safe polypropolene plastic (PP).  This is made of a food-safe plastic and Australia has a long history of recycling and repurposing PP to create all sorts of new life.  Simply rinse and put your container into the yellow top recycling bin.  They are tamper-evident containers which means if you notice the seal has been broken or punctured, please do not consume the meal and contact us on 07 3613 0022.


7. What do I do with the esky box and ice packs?

Your order will be delivered in an cardboard box with gel ice pack - if you are home, we will take the ice pack with us.  If you are not available to accept the delivery, please advise on your order a cool, dry and secure place for us to leave your package.  


8. How long will my meals last in the fridge/freezer?

Our meals are prepared in a hygienic commercial kitchen by chefs wearing appropriate PPE.  All our meals are designed to last for 7 days, in our Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) that removes the oxygen from the container and fills it with a food safe nitrogen and carbon dioxide mix that stops the food from spoiling.  

If you still don't manage to eat everyhting before the due date, simply pop them in the freezer and consume within 2 months.


9. How do I find out nutritional and ingredient information?

Nutritional and ingredient information is printed on each meal.  If you have a specific question, please drop us a line.


10. How do Group Corporate orders work?

Ever wanted to run a healthy Friday lunch for the crew?  Or treat your team to lunch without busting productivity.  Our website is specifically designed to easily manage Corporate orders.  

We offer two options for a group delivery (specified on a certain date within a selected window of time); payment by the individual or payment by the company.  

1. Register: Firstly, please contact us to register your company for deliveries and let us know what day/s you would like delivery so we can upload your profile and your preferences.

2. Ordering: Individuals can place their orders by clicking "Company order", placing their order and on checkout ensure that their registered company is selected.  Or the Company's administrator can place orders on behalf of everyone under their account.

3. Payment: Once the minimum order of 10 meals is reached before the 3 day cut off, each individual will be charged for their order.  Company administrators can store their card details under their profile and pay for group orders on checkout (min. order values still applies).



1. How do I know what day my delivery is?

When you drag and drop your first item into the shopping cart, you will be prompted to enter your post code.  You will then see all future delivery dates available for your area.  


2. Where does Delivery Chef deliver?

Brisbane CBD, airport and city fringe - see the full list of postcodes and suburbs here.  

If we deliver to your area, it will automatically pop up when you enter your post code.  If you are interested in receiving our meals at a suburb that isn't currently listed on our website, please email us and we may be able to expand to your area.


3. Do I need to be home to take delivery?  Where will you leave it?

No.  Convenience is the key!  However, we do need specific instructions about where to leave your order - preferably somewhere out of public sight (secure) and out of the direct sun.  Balcony is perfect (and undercover) or under the house is good too.  Please be specific for our drivers - if your apartment is hard to find, please provide a rough idea.  Thanks! 

IMPORTANT: If a security key code is required to access your complex/building, please list this on your order under "Delivery Instructions".  If we need to redeliver because this information is not supplied, this may incur a re-delivery charge.


4. Can I pick up my order?

Yes.  We are located at 50 Lamington Avenue, Ascot.  Please pre-arrange pick up so we can ensure there is someone there to meet you and your meals are ready.


5. Can you deliver my order to my work?

Yes.  Please give us specific delivery instructions to ensure your meals make it into safe hands.  Wouldn't want any of your colleagues taking off with the goods!  


6. I didn’t receive exactly what I ordered.

Please check your order carefully before checking out.  If we need to make any changes to your order, we will be in contact first.


7. Can I change or cancel my delivery?

No.  Once your order has been received and you have checked out, it is unlikely we can make any changes as our chefs will already be hopping to!  Your card will also be charged on checkout, so please review your order carefully before checking out.


8. What if I live in apartment/gated complex that requires access codes?

No problems!  Simply supply your access code on checkout under the "Delivery Instructions" section of checkout.  Please be as specific as possible.  If we need to redeliver because this information is not supplied, this may incur a re-delivery charge.

If your apartment is hard to find, some rough directions would be much appreciated!


9. What if I can’t find my delivery?  Is there a re-delivery charge?

Please contact us straight away if you cannot find your delivery.  If our driver is unable to gain access or cannot find your location, your mobile and land line will be called at that point.  If we still cannot deliver or cannot contact you, your delivery will be brought back to our premises at Ascot.  


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